Kitchen Remodel Thousand Oaks can possibly cost plenty of money, however, it’s not really necessary for you to ruin most of your area just to improve the value and appeal of your home. When you have a limited budget and a kitchen that is basically functional, think about having a minor remodel. It could enhance the feel of your entire area, which could boost your ROI for approximately 87%. Do not think twice about this since you can actually boost your home value with a budget-friendly kitchen remodel. In this article, we will know the following desirable and practical upgrades any homeowners can consider if they only have limited resources and budget: 

Upgrade your kitchen appliances 

Once your appliances already exceed their time frame limit, there is actually a new option you can do, which is more energy-efficient. This is to donate your old things and appliances and set up new appliances in a more appealing finish. One of the timeless and top choices when it comes to finishes is stainless steel.   


Go ahead and check your drawer and cabinet pulls. Are they already brassy or dirty? Nothing shrieks the 1970’s such as dated cabinet hardware. What’s funnier is the fact that it’s actually an inexpensive and simple repair to do. Go to a hardware store near you and buy for something attractive.   

Also, think about what’s inside your cabinets. Kitchen designers have already innovated cabinet storage that’s intended to be greatly functional. You don’t need to shop for all new cabinets so that you can maximize the aftermarket systems such as slide-out drawers or lid organizers that would make accessing and finding appliances, lids, and pits way easier.  

Have your faucet refreshed 

If you don’t have a usual kitchen faucet, there are a dew reasonably-priced, functional, and stylish designs you can choose that could transform your sink from “nay” to “yay!” Some of the pretty options are brushed nickel, rubbed bronze, or stainless steel. They are intended to be placed higher so they won’t obstruct the things you put in your sink. Moreover, the recent touchless option makes them clean for a longer time since it helps in cutting the number of instances you touch them with several bacteria after preparing for food.   

Provide your kitchen cabinets a new look 

Usually, cabinets with great quality come at an expensive price. If you don’t have enough money to buy a new one and you still have your cabinets now that are still workable, refacing your cabinets might be a great idea. Refacing can successfully be done if it’s handled by a professional. This process involves covering your cabinet’s exposed frame and the drawer and door fronts, with a real wood’s thin veneer. New moldings and hinges are also incorporated to finish the change. It’s a procedure that takes just a couple of days, which averagely costs $6000. Though it seems cheaper, it can surely provide a major improvement to the appearance of your kitchen.